Craigellachie Distillery Tour - Whisky Festival Nov 2021

Craigellachie Distillery

Distillery Tours and Tastings

Covid WarningPlease note that this event may be subject to cancellation based on government guidelines and company policies surrounding Covid-19 at the time of the event. John Dewar & Son’s are committed to protecting our operations teams and ensuring public safety at our sites. Should the event have to be cancelled, those that have booked tour spaces will be notified in advance and a refund issued. Should you have any questions around this then please contact Gary Ross, Distilleries Ambassador –

You can write the story of a distillery and talk of naught but business, machines, technical details and statistics. It will be a true tale, but it won’t be the whole tale. Craigellachie’s story is about more than whisky.” Dave Broom, Craigellachie: The Romantic and the Pragmatic

Founded in 1891 by Peter Mackie of White Horse and Alexander Edward – who also built the Craigellachie hotel alongside – Craigellachie distillery stands proud in the heart of Speyside. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is your typical Speyside dram: Craigellachie is muscular and robust – a result of carefully calibrated production process and the use of traditional worm tub condensers.

Usually closed to the public, this Spirit of Speyside Festival we invite you to join us for a behind the scenes tour of this famed, unusually stubborn distillery, naturally, with a dram (or two) along the way. Let us tell you a tale or two about this legendary distillery.



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