Age Matters vs Cask Matters


The Dowans Hotel - The Still Whisky Bar

Sat 06 Nov 2021 14:00 (75 minutes)

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A Masterclass hosted by Peter Klas of Scotia Spirit, Cologne

What makes a good whisky? The age of the whisky or the cask that the whisky has matured in?

At the beginnig of the new century the industry told us that "the age matters" because of overloaded warehouses after the downturn in the ninties.

Nowadays, a lot of older whiskies have disappeared yet the demand is higher than ever. More and more younger or non-age statement whiskies are on the market and now the industry tells us "the cask matters", but which is it?

Is age the only indicator of a good whisky? What about younger whiskies that spend their lives in excellent casks?

Lets find out with an entertaining blind tasting!

Sample 6 pairs of Speyside's finest whiskies (each 10ml, total 12 x 10ml). Nose them, taste them and compare them. The final step is choosing your favourite and you might be surprised when we reveal what the samples are...

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