Highland Spirit Bed & Breakfast - Mortlach History and Whisky Walk, Port Ellen Twist

Mortlach History and Whisky Walk

Highland Spirit Bed & Breakfast

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Thu 04 Nov 2021 13:00 (180 minutes)

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The first legal distillery in Dufftown and one of the oldest in Scotland

Arrive at Highland Spirit, Dufftown, for a welcoming dram of the Wee Witchie.  You will hear the history of Mortlach distillery and how we arrived at this first fantastic dram in Dufftown from as long back as 1823. 

How did Dufftown's first whisky pay for health care?

What's Johnnie's story?

How was illicit whisky made in the Clock Tower when the town was full of Excise Men?

Visit the 566AD church where the Celtic Monks first distilled 'whisky'.

Then a short walk to Mortlach Kirk to see where the Celtic Monks first distilled in 566AD.  We visit the Kirk, William Grant and the Cowie graves, the grave-robbers watchers hut, and hear about the legendary battle in the 11th Century.

What was dirty about dramming? 

The unique 2.81 distillation

We will stop at the historic kiln of Mortlach Distillery; see the dunnage warehouses and traditional wormtubs whilst sipping on a fine dram of Mortlach Flora and Fauna - the stillman's legendary favourite.

How did the Pagoda come about?  

How did the Grant the Coppersmith help the smuggling trade - the illicit dog?

Measure whisky like the Exciseman

Finally you will hear about the role of the Mortlach Excise Man and will have a go using some of his original instruments to measure the strength/volume of alcohol.   You can try this for yourself.

Lots more besides.

The easy walk is just over a mile long.  Offered by Alistair as a qualified walking guide.   Drams are approximately 12.5ml.

9 drams and an aqua vitae

·        'Wee Witchie' 12YO

·        JW Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen

·        G&M 21YO

·        Aqua Vitae of the Celtic Monks

·        G&M Reserve 1998 12YO

·        Game of Thrones 15YO

·        Cowie's 'Blue Seal' 20YO

·        Flora and Fauna 16YO

·        Cadenhead's Small Batch 1994 20YO

·        G&M 1984 30YO

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